All New Chestnut Products Has Finally Arrived!

Roger Descours Chestnut
There are many different types of chestnuts, and they share similar qualities.

The most common types include the European chestnut, American chestnut, Chinese chestnut, Japanese chestnut, and Korean chestnut.

Chestnuts are not only a delicious treat, but they are also rich in nutrients that have been linked to many health benefits.
Roger Descours
One of the most popular chestnut product brands you can find in Europe was Roger Descours. It was founded in the heart of Mount Ardèche, France in 1975. The Descours family has been working with chestnuts for decades.

Roger Descours has made Concept Fruits the leader in the French chestnut industry through the obsession of “rediscovering the authentic taste of chestnuts, with the most natural product possible”.
Roger Descours - Concept Fruits
(Image Source: Roger Descours Group)
Their product has been voted “Flavour of the Year” several times by the jury of consumers thanks to the determination of emphasising using only natural ingredients without the addition of glucose or preservatives to enhance the authentic taste of chestnuts.

Roger Descours products have conquered the shelves of all major retailers in France, and also in 54 countries with its chestnut cream and cooked chestnut.
Roger Descours Chestnut
The three (3) main chestnut products that are commonly used in the pastry industry are chestnut purée, chestnut paste, and chestnut cream. What are the differences and how should they be used?

Many may think that these three (3) are similar but did you know that they are quite different when it comes to texture, taste, and even colour!

Roger Descours Chestnut
A small amount of chestnut purée, chestnut paste, and chestnut cream have been scooped out directly from the can and spread directly on a porcelain plate.
There’s a difference that can be seen in the photo in terms of texture and colour

1. Chestnut Purée

Roger Descours Chestnut Purée
Ingredients  Chestnut, sugar
Brix 13 ± 3
Texture Very smooth
Colour Brownish


2. Chestnut Paste

Roger Descours Chestnut Paste

Ingredients  Chestnuts, sugar, water
Brix 49 ± 3
Texture Smooth and velvety. Non-caking
Colour Brownish


3. Chestnut Cream

Roger Descours Chestnut Cream

Ingredients  Sugar, chestnuts, water, vanilla extract
Brix 60 ± 3
Texture Soft and smooth
Colour Dark brownish



Usage of chestnut purée, chestnut paste, and chestnut cream

Chestnut Puree Dessert

Chestnut Purée is often to be used for cooking because the ingredient for this purée is only chestnut and water. 

There is no sweetness in the purée itself. Many chefs use chestnut purée to mix with chestnut paste and cream to adjust the taste and flavour of their recipe.

Mont Blanc Cake

Chestnut Paste is commonly used in the baking industry compared to purée and cream.
It’s easy to use, rich in flavour, and has a chestnut fragrance with moderate sweetness.
It can be used in various types of applications such as mixing it into the dough, cream filling, and mousse.

Chestnut Cream Dessert

Chestnut Cream is usually used as a spreads and cream as it has a stronger sweetness compared with purée and paste.
Because the texture of the chestnut cream is soft and more liquid, it is very easy to blend with other ingredients.