About Us

The Marubishi Group, founded in the year 1951 has been serving as the parent company to several companies spanning over East and Southeast Asia. The Marubishi Group HQ, based in Kumamoto (Japan) with branches all over Japan, is one of the oldest names in the food industry in Japan.

The Marubishi Group has consistently worked towards the needs of the customers over the last 65 years. While focusing on the food industry, we operate throughout all the phrases from farms (Farm Q) at the lap of Aso mountain, manufacturing mills (MARSマース), wholesale distribution (ideatweb), retail outlets, and restaurants (WHOLE SQUARE).

Apart from these, The Marubishi Group also widen its wings within national and international companies under one roof, such as MBS, Marubishi Logistics System, Marubishi Ingredients and Equiptments (M) Sdn. Bhd., Shanghai Marubishi Co. Ltd, Marubishi Korea Co. Ltd, and more.

Our Philosophy

Marubishi – the disciples of prosperity, connecting the food industry

企業使命感 ― 食品産業のパイプ役繁栄の使徒、丸菱

Lead with sincerity


Honor towards our customers and products


Thrive together with aspiration


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Kuala Lumpur Head Office

While thriving to improve our expertise in the food industry, we pursue to offer nothing less than the best to our consumers.

However, the Malaysian bakery industry is now suffering from an instability in quality due to lack of craftsmen, limited choices with very few raw materials being distributed, and rising raw material prices year after year.

Marubishi Ingredients & Equipments (M) is consistently making efforts to provide superior quality of raw materials that are constantly being upgraded with current needs and market trends. Moreover, in order to compete in the Malaysian market while maintaining Japanese standards, a strict price control is put in place which is only possible due to the commercialization of Marubishi PB (Private Brands). Marubishi’s PB products prove to be price-competitive as Marubishi has control over all phases of these products, from R&D to production and distribution.


Johor Bahru Branch

The Johor Bahru branch office has opened up in March of 2018 and as the second Malaysian branch. While it will still be under the Kuala Lumpur’s management, the growth in demand for our products and services over the years has compelled us to reach out to our valued customers in southern Malaysia as well. Moreover, the Johor Bahru office also serves as the fore-front for our Singaporean expansion in the foreseeable future. The JB office, much like the KL office is situated in an esteemed (Senai) business park.

Customers may expect all the products and services in JB which are now provided in the KL office or any other International/National offices.

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