Crookies - When Croissant Meet Cookies

Move over Cronuts, there's a new hybrid pastry in town taking social media by storm: the Crookie. This decadent treat combines the buttery flakiness of a croissant with the gooey, chocolatey goodness of a chocolate chip cookie.

The Crookie is essentially a croissant cut in half, stuffed with raw cookie dough and baked until the cookie is golden brown. Some even add an extra layer of cookie dough on top for a truly over-the-top experience.

The result? A contrasting textural explosion of crispy, flaky croissant base and bites of soft, chewy cookie.

The flavours are equally exciting. The buttery richness of the croissant complements the sweetness of the cookie dough, creating a harmonious balance. The specific flavors will of course depend on your chosen cookie dough, but you can expect a symphony of sweet and salty notes, punctuated by pops of chocolate, fruit, or nuts depending on your creation.

The Crookie's origins can be traced back to TikTok, where users showcased their creations and baking adventures. This social media buzz quickly propelled the Crookie into the mainstream, with bakeries and cafes experimenting with their own versions.

While the classic chocolate chip cookie dough reigns supreme, variations include matcha-flavoured cookie dough studded with white chocolate chips, and even the addition of chewy mochi for an extra textural twist.

Whether you're a croissant fan or just a sweet tooth, the Crookie offers a delicious and innovative way to indulge.

The best part? This latest food trend is surprisingly easy to whip up, even at home! All you need are some croissants - fresh or day-old croissants work perfectly to minimize waste - and your favorite cookie dough.

While you can make a fresh batch of cookie dough, it is recommended to chill the dough for at least an hour before stuffing your croissants. This chilling step firms up the cookie dough, making it easier to shape and preventing it from becoming melty and formless during baking.

Check out snippets of the making of our Crookies on our Instagram below. Whilst you are at it, you can also follow us on Instagram at @marubishimalaysia for the latest updates.

Plus, if you make a slightly larger batch of cookie dough, you can bake off some leftover dough into regular cookies alongside your Crookie creations. This way, you can enjoy a delightful variety of treats! 

The Crookie is just the beginning. We look forward to other unexpected flavour combinations that will take the baking world by storm next.

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