World Champion Cake Demonstration by Chef Izumi Koichi

Marubishi Malaysia Welcomes World Champion Chef Izumi Koichi for a Cake Making Demonstration!

Marubishi Malaysia is thrilled to have hosted a captivating cake making demonstration featuring the renowned World Champion Cake & Patissier, Chef Izumi Koichi from Tokyo! Chef Izumi's visit provided an enriching experience for pastry enthusiasts and professional chefs alike.

A Master of his Craft

Chef Izumi boasts an illustrious career marked by remarkable competition victories. Twice, he represented Japan on the national team at the prestigious World Pastry Team Championship (WPTC), often dubbed the "World Cup of Pastry." In 2006, he captained the team to an impressive second-place finish.

A Commitment to Excellence

Chef Izumi's dedication extends beyond competitions. The open kitchen concept in his own shop, ASTERISQUE, located in Shibuya, Tokyo, exemplifies his commitment to transparency and excellence. Customers can witness firsthand the artistry and precision that go into his creations. 

Witnessing the Magic

This demo provides Marubishi's clients with a rare opportunity to witness a world champion in action and gain valuable insights into the world of professional pastry making. 

Chef Izumi's masterful skills were on full display as he created an array of stunning cakes and desserts, utilizing some of Marubishi's finest ingredients.

The main key products that were featured during the demonstration were:

  • Roger Descours Chestnut - Cream, Purée, Paste & Whole: This range of chestnut items were incorporated into Chef Izumi's creation, adding an divine chestnut flavour.
  • Prairie Farms Cream Cheese: This rich and creamy cheese adds a luxurious texture and depth of flavor to Chef Izumi's cheese cakes!
Chef Izumi generously shared valuable insights throughout the demonstration. He offered practical tips on using Marubishi's featured ingredients, from incorporating them seamlessly into recipes to maximizing their flavour potential.
Throughout the event, Chef Izumi guided our customers on a comprehensive demonstration, guiding them from start to finish, in the creation of six delectable desserts. Utilizing Marubishi's featured ingredients, Chef Izumi meticulously demonstrated the preparation of each dessert's various components.

From expertly crafting batters and fillings to the artistry of decorating and completing each cake, attendees were privy to the entire process.

This hands-on approach provided invaluable insights and techniques, empowering them to recreate these delectable treats in their own kitchens.

All attendees had the privilege of taste-testing all six decadent desserts crafted by Chef Izumi throughout the demonstration. 

It was inspiring indeed to witness how a world champion elevates our ingredients into extraordinary creations serves as a testament to the quality and versatility of Marubishi's products.

The demo was a resounding success, leaving attendees not only impressed by Chef Izumi's artistry but also inspired by the potential of the ingredients that Marubishi Malaysia carries.

Catch snippets of the captivating demonstration by Chef Izumi here:

Marubishi Malaysia will have more exciting demos and collaborations lined up. Keep an eye out for future announcements HERE to learn more about our upcoming events! 

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