A Conversation with Chef Pang on Creating Delights at Lachér Patisserie

Lachér Patisserie, an online Malaysian patisserie specializing in French entremets and desserts took Malaysia by the storm. We were very honored to speak to one of their directors, Chef Pang Yun Kian, who is also the executive head chef behind all the incredible desserts that Lachér offers.


Chef Pang’s culinary path began when he was only 16 with part-time bakery gigs, churning out countless batches of cookies. It was there that he found an interest in baking. Not long after, Chef Pang transitioned to full-time positions at esteemed establishments like Genting Highlands, Sunway Hotel, and later a cake factory based in KL.

At the age of 25, fuelled by his ambition to become a professional chef and to gain more knowledge, Chef Pang ventured to Singapore where he worked at Marina Bay Sands and Swissotel, where he met his mentor – Chef Alex.

The missing piece finally clicked when Chef Pang moved to Regents Singapore, where he started delving into the world of French pastry, igniting a passion, and equipping him with the skills he had been searching for.

Chef Pang and his team championed the 2016 Asian Pastry Cup (APC) with a sugar showpiece and chocolate cake. It is one of Chef Pang’s proudest achievements to have won the APC. He shared how he spent years training under his mentor, Chef Alex, who is also a pastry Olympic champion. Off days, and his annual leaves were spent training for the competition, but it paid off!


Lacher was born in 2019, where they were operating from a compact kitchen of just over 400 square feet. Embracing the digital realm, Lacher launched their business entirely online, and focused solely on delivery and pickup options due to limited capital. It was tough in the beginning as pre-Covid, there weren’t many online shops around. Ordering cakes online wasn’t quite the norm. It wasn’t until 2020, during the COVID period, that Lacher experienced rapid growth.

Chef Pang mentioned how blessed he felt that their online sales boomed during the MCO lockdown. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about an increase in online shopping because of government-imposed restrictions and consumer anxiety over the potential health risk associated with in-store shopping. As most consumers were forced to eat at home during the lockdown period, the food and beverage industry in general saw an increase in online sales. With only 3 kitchen staff and the 3 founders, they were producing up to 150 cakes daily in the compact kitchen. It was then when they knew they had to move to a larger kitchen to ease production.


Last August, Lachér Patisserie opened a new shop called Lachér to-go in Plaza Conlay, Kuala Lumpur. Just like its name, it's a takeaway spot, different to their main online store based in Kota Damansara, PJ. While Lachér to-go does have some seating, it's mainly focused on takeaways. Chef Pang says it's their second pickup location, making it easier for people in Kuala Lumpur to grab their favorite desserts.

Chef Pang shared that previously one could only order Lacher’s petit gateaux in a set of 4 but with the opening of Lachér to-go, customers are now able to enjoy individually sold petit gateaux.


Lacher shook up Malaysia's pastry scene by offering desserts that were beyond just sponge cakes and the occasional cheesecake. Given Malaysians' limited exposure to French desserts at the time, we asked Chef Pang what he thought attributed to Lacher's success to.

Chef Pang explained that when they first launched, they faced a hurdle: fellow Malaysians weren't familiar with mousse-based French cakes. To address this, Lacher launched a set of 4 petite gateaux during the MCO. This sampler pack was perfect for first-time customers unsure of which flavor to choose. The timing couldn't have been better, as people stuck at home were looking for ways to treat loved ones – birthdays included! These petit-sized delights became a hit, and as a result, more people were exposed to French desserts. They began to appreciate the layered textures and complementary flavors that define these treats.

With a humble smile, Chef Pang believes the key to Lacher's success was the balanced textures in their cakes. They also took the time to educate customers on proper consumption, ensuring the cakes were enjoyed at their peak.

Beyond delicious offerings, Chef Pang emphasizes the importance of their user-friendly online ordering system. The easy-to-navigate website allowed customers to conveniently order their favorite treats.


We asked Chef Pang what the most challenging aspect is working as a pâtissier in Malaysia. He shared that French and Malaysians have very different taste palettes. Our fellow Malaysians prefer more refreshing, not-so-sweet cakes. He must be more innovative and has to R&D to come up with flavour combinations that will better suit Malaysians.

According to Chef Pang, sourcing ingredients can be quite a hurdle. Most distributors don't list their products online, making it difficult to track down specific needs.


Lacher is thrilled to announce they've recently achieved halal certification! This accomplishment comes after a year-long process, as Chef Pang explains. Ensuring every ingredient, even imported ones, met halal standards required extensive documentation from suppliers. The baking procedures themselves had to be adapted to adhere to these guidelines. This exciting news coincides perfectly with the launch of their festive Raya specials, offering delicious treats everyone can enjoy during the celebration.

In addition to that, Chef Pang shared that they are planning on opening another shop this year. We can’t disclose the details, but it will be a bakery café that we are looking forward to visiting this year!


We asked Chef Pang what he thought about Marubishi and the Marubushi products that Lacher is currently using. What stood out to him immediately is Shichiyo Nanban Backen Oven, a premium oven that he purchased from Marubishi. He shared that the temperature is very even, and the colour of the baked products are very even and nice.