Bake with Ease using Adeka Chocolate Filling Sheet

Are you looking for a way to elevate your bakes with rich chocolate flavour, stunning layers, and effortless baking? Look no further - we have got a solution for you!

Introducing Adeka Chocolate Filling Sheet.

Adeka Chocolate Filling Sheet is an innovative product that not only boasts a decadent chocolate flavour but also allows you to craft baked goodies that are not only delicious but is also perfect for layering. 

Adeka Chocolate Filling Sheet incorporates seamlessly into your dough to create stunning layers and helps you achieve a moist, delightful texture in the final product.

Effortless Handling: Exceptional Layers Every Time

It's incredibly easy to work with Adeka Chocolate Filling Sheet. Its excellent sheeting performance makes it easy to handle and incorporate into your dough.

No more frustration with tearing or breaking – this filling sheet conforms beautifully, allowing you to achieve those perfect swirls and layers with minimal effort.

This pre-portioned filling sheet comes in a convenient 600-gram packaging, that is ready to be laminated. 

Versatile: Unleash Endless Possibilities

Adeka Chocolate Filling Sheet isn't just about convenience; the versatility is also truly impressive. Whether you're crafting a classic chocolate marble loaf or experimenting with unique shapes like croissant-style breads and pinwheel buns, this filling sheet is your perfect partner.

Its unique texture adds an exciting dimension to your creations, ensuring a delightful contrast and vivid layers with excellent extensibility.

Rich Chocolate Flavor: Elevate Every Bite

Adeka Chocolate Filling Sheet isn't your average filling sheet; it's a burst of pure chocolate indulgence that will leave your customers wanting more. Imagine the aroma of freshly baked bread mingling with the luxurious scent of chocolate – a sensory experience that's guaranteed to entice.  

Beyond Superior Flavour

Adeka Chocolate Filling Sheet isn't just about taste and aesthetics; it also contributes to the overall quality of your baked goods. Its excellent extensibility allows for vivid layers, making your creations a feast for the eyes.

Furthermore, this filling sheet helps retain moisture, resulting in a bread with a soft texture and a satisfying mouthfeel.

Experience the Adeka Difference: Create Moist & Soft Bread

The Adeka Chocolate Filling Sheet is an innovative product that offers superior flavour, exceptional handling, and endless creative possibilities. So, unleash your inner baker and start crafting pastries that are as delicious as they are beautiful!

Check out how effortless it is to bake using Adeka Chocolate Filling Sheet:


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Marubishi Malaysia also carries other Adeka filling sheet flavours such as Hokkaido milk, Custard, and also Pandan Kaya

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