Bid Goodbye to Dry, Uneven & Crooked Bread Slices

Have you ever tried slicing a fresh loaf of bread and ended up with crooked slices and uneven crumbs?

Yup, you’re not alone.

Sure, slicing bread is not THAT hard. It can be easily done with a manual bread slicer or serrated bread knife. However, being able to slice it evenly and beautifully is a whole new ball game altogether.

Even when using a manual bread slicer to mark the thickness, paired with a sharp bread knife, cutting a loaf by hand often results in bread slices with uneven thickness.

Worse still, if we apply too much pressure whilst trying to prevent the bread loaf from moving around, we may end up smooshing and deforming the shape of the loaf.

There’s nothing quite like having a freshly baked loaf of bread… only to end up in uneven slices when trying to slice it up. That’s one part of the experience that can be frustrating to say the least.


What’s even more frustrating is having the bread dry out faster than we would like.

Why Do Uneven, Jagged Bread Slices Dry Out Faster?

Did you know the more jagged and uneven the bread slices are, the faster the surface will dry out? This is because jagged and uneven bread slices have more exposed surface area if compared to smooth, evenly sliced bread. This means that there is more surface area for moisture to evaporate from, which can lead to the bread drying out faster. 



Furthermore, the ragged edges of the bread slices can trap air pockets, which can also contribute to moisture loss. When air gets trapped between the bread slices, it can create a barrier that prevents moisture from moving freely through the bread. This can lead to the bread drying out on the surface even if the interior of the bread is still moist.



This is definitely not an ideal situation for bakeries but fret not as we have got a solution for you.


Slice Freshly Baked Bread Neatly Every Single Time

Just like this:


With the use of an electric bread slicer like this AT700Z from Hakura Seiki, there’s no need to worry about smooshing the bread. The sharp round blade effortlessly slides through the bread… like butter. And you’re guaranteed to get equal-sized, even bread slices every single time.



Usually when reaching the end of the loaf, where there is lesser portion, it gets even more difficult to slice if we're doing it manually. Well that's not an issue at all with this bread slicer! It can be done efficiently and safely with this Hakura Seiki bread slicer as shown below.



Look at how perfectly uniformed the bread slices are! 



With a clean, even cut, they even look aesthetically pleasing. Can we all take a moment to appreciate how the bread slices are sliced with such precision, resulting in even thickness and symmetrical cross-section?

When it comes to presentation, symmetry is important, and as you can see above, this bread slicer is sure to do the trick!

The bread slicer will save your time with high efficiency and consistency to be widely applied for bakeries, restaurants, specialty sandwich stores, hotels, etc.

Just look at the difference:



This bread slicer is perfect for slicing a variety of breads whether it be soft or hard-crusted bread.



And it yields the same results even on hard crusted sourdough loaf!


We bet whoever who came up with the idiom ‘the best thing since sliced bread’ must have given this Japanese bread slicer from Hakura Seiki a go! 😉


A Convenient Slicer with Adjustable Thickness

With this bread slicer, you can be rest assured to get perfect slices every time, without having to worry about uneven cuts or crumbs. The blade can be adjusted to different thickness settings, so you can choose the perfect thickness for your bread.


The cutting guide of the slicer can be adjusted from 0.7cm to 4cm, allowing you to use it in different ways, from thin sandwiches to thick toast.



Simply insert the loaf of bread into the slicer.



Adjust the thickness setting.


The slicer will do the rest.

These electric bread slicers are a convenient and easy way to slice bread. It’s not only convenient but also efficient and a great way to save time - you can slice a loaf of bread in just a few seconds!


Why Choose Hakura Seiki Bread Slicer?


LIGHT WEIGHT & COMPACT DESIGN: Weighing only 18kg, the light-weight Hakaru Seiki bread slicer is easy to move around. It is compact and fits well on the tabletop.


HIGHLY DURABLE STEEL BLADE: The blade is the most important part of an electric bread slicer. The Hakura Seiki slicer comes with a sharp, round blade technology that easily slices through every loaf of bread.

HIGH SPEED, LOW NOISE: The bread slicer works silently and without vibration, making it a great addition to every commercial kitchen!


EASE OF USE: Slicing bread takes time, especially since we must be extremely delicate while repeating the same motion repeatedly. The Hakura Seiki slicer is a tool that is easy to use and comfortable which makes working for extended periods of time easy to do.

SAFETY FEATURES: To protect the user from injury or accidents, most of the models for Hakura Seiki slicer come equipped with a two-hands switch function and brake motor for peace of mind. The round blade immediately stops when the hand is released from the switch.


Manual VS Bread Slicer: Check out the Difference


We bet you can tell which bread slice is cut manually, and which is sliced using the Hakura Seiki AT700Z bread slicer. Let’s take a closer, zoomed in look:


  • USING AT700Z (L): The thickness of the slice is even, and the cross section is clean and neat.
  • USING BREAD KNIFE (R): Uneven thickness, slightly thicker on the ends, with jagged edges.


The difference is not just on the aesthetic part; the unevenness also affects the overall texture. The jagged edges will create a rougher and more uneven surface, which can make the bread feel drier and more crumbly.

The edges may even catch on the tongue or teeth, which can be unpleasant. Sliced bread with smooth, even edges will improve the texture and mouthfeel of the bread, also making it more enjoyable to eat.

When loaves are sliced using the AT700Z, not only does your bread look well-presented, even your customers get to enjoy them softer and fresher for longer! Don't let a low quality bread slicer ruin your perfect loaf of bread! ;)


Check Out How it Works! 

Which Bread Slicer is Suitable for Your Business?

The compact and lightweight AT700Z is a high-quality, commercial bread slicer that is perfect for busy bakeries and restaurants. It makes for a great choice for businesses that need a reliable and efficient bread slicer. It is durable, easy to use, and produces consistent, even slices.


We would recommend this model for retail bakeries who would like to provide their customers with a customized loaf of bread according to their preferred thickness – from as thin as 0.7cm up to 4cm.



The KB-4 model is a heavy-duty bread slicer suited for bigger bakeries or factories. This model has an easy-to-replace cassette type blade frame that enables the exchange of attachments to slice various shapes of breads from soft white bread loaf to hard-crusted French bread. It comes equipped with a two-handed button switch that immediately stops the blade when one hand comes off contact with either switch.

Contact us HERE if you would like further information on the Hakura Seiki bread slicer or if you would like a live demo on how it works.

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