Our Suppliers: Nisshin-STC Flour Milling

Nisshin STC Flour Milling, commonly known as Nisshin-STC, is the Thai subsidiary of the prominent flour milling company Nisshin Seifun Group based in Japan. Nisshin-STC was established in 1991 as a joint venture between Nisshin Seifun Group, STC Group and Mitsubishi Corporation Group.

The Nisshin Seifun group is one of the leading flour milling company in Japan, with a majority of domestic market share as well as a significant presence in the global flour milling market. With the acquisition of the mill in Thailand and the birth of Nisshin-STC, the group further accelerated the expansion of its flour milling business in Southeast Asia.

Nisshin-STC recognized in its early days of operations that there was a significant increase of flour consumption in Thailand and nearby ASEAN countries as the trend of consuming food products utilizing flour (such as bread, sweets and noodles) was on the rise. That brought Nisshin-STC to focus on expanding its building and operations in 2013, increasing its production capacity by 20%. 

Nisshin-STC now exports its range of flour to neighbouring countries, with a stronger focus on ASEAN countries.


The company's focus is to supply high-quality wheat flour in hygienic and safe condition with the principle of "Quality Assurance from the consumer's viewpoint".

Nisshin-STC practices a variety of efforts in all processes to supply products where safety and quality are ensured. To strengthen food hygiene control, the company established a QA laboratory aimed at ensuring quality control of both the raw materials and flour produced. 

Using its range of flour, Nisshin-STC has also taken a step further to run evaluation test of end products such as producing breads, noodles, etc. This product evaluation laboratory inspects the aptitude of the many kinds of flour through checking the condition of the dough, flavour and texture. 

Evaluation Test

Nisshin-STC strives to maintain a high level of food safety and quality throughout its production processes. The company's level of effort is demonstrated through the acquisition of the following international standard certification:

  • ISO 22000


Nisshin-STC Flour Milling uses wheat mainly from the United States, Canada and Australia. They have also established a traceability system whereby they are able to quickly and reliably trace the range of flour products, down to the information of raw materials.

All records at each stage from the acceptance of raw materials through to manufacturing, storage, and logistics are being maintained for up to 1 year.


The Nisshin group's first priority is to provide high quality, safe and secure products. Not only does Nisshin-STC utilizes advanced milling technology from Japan-based Nisshin Flour Milling, Japanese staff are also posted to Nisshin-STC in Thailand to work at the factory.

There are magnets and metal detectors utilized in the production process to prevent ontamination of foreign material such as metal. A sieve the size of 0.2mm is also installed at the final stage of the milling process to ensure the safety and quality of the flour before being packed or bulk-shipped.

Nisshin-STC takes pride in its focus for food safety, and store all products on the plastic pallet. Sheet shutters were also installed at their warehouse for further food safety assurance. 


Nisshin-STC produces a wide range of flour such as hard wheat flour, soft wheat flour, French bread flour, udon flour and noodle flour to cater to its customers' demands. 

Marubishi carries in order the following high protein, medium protein and low protein flour:

Nisshin STC - Great Nisshin STC - Multi Nisshin STC - Crystal