Marubishi’s Take on Human Management Skills - The Key to Succeed in Operating Bakery & Cafes

Welcome to Marubishi's ongoing series dedicated to enhancing human management skills, with a focus on improving service skills, communication abilities, and the importance of teamwork.

In this bi-monthly series, we'll be featuring insights and advice from seasoned experts in the field – Mr. Okamoto and Ms. Shichijo.

Whether you work in a bakery shop or cafe, or even in the office, these principles are universally valuable for creating exceptional customer experiences and fostering harmonious workplace environments.



Name: Okamoto Fumihiro 

President of Mental Charge ISC Research Institute

A successful business development coach who specializes in teaching practical methods to improve performance by entrusting and empowering staff. With 14 years of experience working in an apparel specialty store chain and owning a 7-Eleven franchise, this expert has been at the forefront of team management, utilizing acquired resources to provide business owners and leaders with expertise in "performance improvement through personnel utilization, talent acquisition, and development."



Name: Shichijo Chiemi

President of GLITTER STAGE

After graduating from Doshisha University, Schijo joined JAL (Japan Airlines). During her tenure, she received numerous accolades and gained significant influence as a cabin crew member, earning the "Dream Skyward Excellence Award" and recognition from the board of directors. Schijo was also chosen to be a part of the team for the Imperial Charter Flight, which was one of the top VIP flights known for its highest-level handling.

From 2010 onwards, Schijo served as a service training instructor in the cabin education and training department, where they instructed over 1,000 trainees. During this time, she not only trained Japanese students but also took on the training of overseas based crew members, mainly from the Asian region (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand). Her performance as an instructor was rated at the highest level, denoted by an "S" rating. This demonstrates that she has a strong reputation for teaching courses related to mindset.



Join us once every two months as we explore the vital aspects of human management in bakery, cafe, and office settings. Mr. Okamoto and Ms. Shichijo will be your trusted mentors, offering invaluable advice and strategies to help you enhance your service skills, communication abilities, and teamwork.

Here at Marubishi, we're committed to empowering you on your journey to becoming a standout professional in your field. Stay tuned for our first episode, and let's embark on this learning journey together!