The Secret to Baking the Perfectly Squared Loaf: It's All in the Tin

When it comes to breadmaking, apart from the ingredients and recipe, the tools also play an important role.

Bread tins are an essential tool for baking bread. They help to create bread loafs that are uniformed in shape and texture. The tin can also affect the shape, crust and crumb texture of the bread.

Even if you've prepared the dough to perfection using high quality ingredients, without a good bread tin, there may be uneven heating in the oven resulting in longer baking duration causing the bread to lose its moisture. 

If you're looking for a high quality bread tin, to achieve perfectly risen and evenly browned toast, Marubishi’s Original Black Bread Mold is the perfect solution.


Made in Japan, Marubishi’s Original Black Bread Mold is designed to provide faster and even heat distribution, eliminating the risk of unevenly cooked or dry bread.

Marubishi’s Original Black Bread Mold is made with:

  • aluminium-plated iron sheet
  • silicone resin for the inner surface
  • black heat-absorbing resin for the outer surface
  • thickness of 1mm


As the base is made of iron, it has good heat conductivity. The black heat-absorbing resin finish on the outer surface helps increase its strength and effectiveness.

These material used are also long lasting and durable for long term use in commercial kitchens.


Whether you're looking to bake square-shaped or domed-top loaves, our bread mold also provides efficiency in terms of shorter baking duration, approximately 20% shorter on average.

This means increased oven turnover and kitchen efficiency, which ultimately in the long run translates to cost savings. That's always music to one's ear, isn't it?


Marubishi’s Original Black Bread Mold is similar to that of a Pullman Loaf Pan, which is a bread pan with a slide-on lid that helps create square and even loaves of bread.

The sliding lid that covers the top ensures the bread rises evenly and is perfectly squared with sharp corners and a fine, tight crumb structure. 

This design limits the crust formation on top, allowing us to achieve straight sides, along with delicate crust, and a softer, more tender bread.

Look at this evenly squared and perfectly even, golden brown crust!


For comparison sake, we also baked the exact same dough using a China OEM branded tin, widely available in bakery supply stores. 

The one main difference between them was the consistency of browning – our Marubishi pan produced a loaf that was evenly browned across the entire loaf.

As compared with the OEM one on the right which shows that whilst the bottom has achieved a similar browning to Marubishi's, the rest of the loaf on the sides have yet to brown up.

    FUN FACT: Did you also know that thorough baking extends the shelf life and reduces the risk of mold growth? That's another huge plus point!

    We also tested the tins to bake domed bread loaves. As you can see on the left, Marubishi's loaf is evenly browned, whereas the other loaf had a nice golden brown finish on the dome, but not quite on its sides. 

    Taking that into consideration, if we were to continue baking the OEM loaves, to achieve more evenly browned sides, either the bottom of the loaf would definitely be overbaked, or the top of the bread would start to char. Overbaking the loaf would also end up resulting in a drier loaf. 

    Marubishi bread tins definitely showed excellent heat conductivity, allowing the bread to bake slightly quicker, with even browning.

    What this also means is that, shorter baking time = thinner bread crust and crumbs that are soft, moist, and tender in texture.

    Marubishi's Original Bread Mold is also easy to use. With just a little spray of oil, the baked bread can be flawlessly removed. 


    In Japan, bread loaf sizes are traditionally measured in kin (斤), an ancient Japanese unit of weight.

    We have three sizes available to cater to your various needs:



    Contact us HERE if you wish to learn more about our original black bread mold. Here at Marubishi, we are dedicated to helping you find the product that best suits your needs.