Cattabriga Gelato Machine Feat. Chef Laetitia & Chef Tan

Marubishi Malaysia is thrilled to share the success of our recent Cattabriga Machines demonstration! We had pastry enthusiasts and industry professionals alike gathered to witness the remarkable capabilities of these innovative machines firsthand.

The star of the event was undoubtedly Chef Laetitia Moreau, a renowned Pastry Consultant and Culinary Director. Chef Laetitia's expertise in pastry creation shone through as she expertly guided attendees through the functionalities of the Cattabriga machines.

Leading the gelato charge at the Cattabriga Machines demonstration was none other than Chef Tan Chii Yong, esteemed ICETEAM ambassador. Chef Tan is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and techniques with fellow gelato enthusiasts.

During the demonstration, Chef Tan guided attendees through the art of gelato making using Cattabriga machines, offering valuable tips and tricks. 

The demonstration showcased the machines' versatility, allowing participants to observe the creation of a variety of elements to create delectable pastries.

From choux pastry to custard, and gelato, Chef Laetitia demonstrated how Cattabriga machines can streamline and elevate the pastry-making process.

The event wasn't just about the Cattabriga machines; it was also a fantastic opportunity for attendees to gain valuable insights from Chef Laetitia's vast experience. They were able to ask questions and receive expert advice on incorporating Cattabriga machines into their workflows.

Big Performance in a Small Package: The Babychef Shines

Chef Laetitia's and Chef Tan's passion for pastry innovation and gelato creation respectively is legendary. Their expertise in using Cattabriga machines to achieve culinary excellence is widely recognized.

But! The true star of the demo wasn't just the chefs – it was the Babychef, a multi-functional countertop marvel that stole the hearts (and taste buds) of attendees.

Just with the Babychef, Chef Laetitia is able to whip up such a gorgeous, delectable pastry dessert!

Don't Let the Name Trick You: The Babychef Packs a Big Punch!

This compact countertop machine might have a cute name, but its capabilities are anything but.

Imagine a single appliance that lets you whip up restaurant-quality gelato, decadent pastries, and savory delights – all while saving space on your counter. That's the magic of the Babychef. Hot or cold, sweet or savory, this multi-talented machine tackles it all with ease.

Here's why the Babychef is a game-changer for busy kitchens:

  • Recipe Book: With 25 built-in recipes and 5 customizable slots, the Babychef ensures consistent, delicious results every time. 
  • Space Saving: Don't let your kitchen size limit your culinary creativity. The Babychef is a countertop champion, freeing up valuable workspace for your other culinary essentials.
  • Easy Clean Up: No more spending hours scrubbing after a baking marathon. The Babychef's simple design, with only three interchangeable parts (double lid, beater, and extraction spatula), makes cleaning a breeze.

The Babychef is more than just an appliance; it's your culinary co-pilot. So ditch the single-use gadgets and embrace the versatility and convenience of the Babychef. 

One of the Babychef's key features is its double lid design that makes it a breeze to switch between gelato, pastry, and savory creations. No more wrestling with multiple attachments – simply swap the lid, and you're set to go.

The double lid's magic lies in its two distinct personalities:

  • Gelateria Lid: This lid seals tight, ensuring perfect churning conditions for any frozen treats.
  • Pastry Lid: Equipped with a handy chimney, this lid allows you to add ingredients on the go while the Babychef works its magic. Perfect for creating pastries with ease!

Not just that! Its 15-speed inverter beater tackles both hot and cold preparations with ease, even saving energy during the process. For pastries, the vertical batch allows for easy monitoring, and the pastry lid lets you add ingredients on the fly. Extraction is swift and efficient through the cylinder.

Beyond sweets, the Babychef's adjustable temperature and speed settings open doors to a world of culinary creations. And the best part? The continuous churning process lets you produce and store gelato with your desired consistency, even adding mix and having it ready to serve in just 6 minutes.

For this demonstration, Chef Laetitia used the Babychef to make the choux pastry, the strawberry and hibiscus jam as well as the pistachio white chocolate whipped ganache and the pistachio pastry cream!

A Glimpse into the Event

To further enhance your understanding of the event, we've compiled a collection of video snippets that capture the excitement and learning that took place:

Interested in Learning More?

If the Cattabriga Machines demonstration has piqued your interest, we encourage you to explore further! You may find more information on the Babychef here or contact us HERE to discuss how these Cattabriga machines can benefit your pastry and gelato production.

We at Marubishi Malaysia are committed to providing our customers with as much guidance as we can. The Cattabriga Machines demonstration is just one example of our dedication to empowering pastry chefs and businesses to achieve new levels of creativity and efficiency.

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