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Marubishi Malaysia

Adeka - NBS-1

Adeka - NBS-1

All purpose margarine. Easy to handle, better-creaming properties, low melting point, and good natural buttery aroma. 

✓ Contained below 10% pure butter
✓ Low trans-fat
✓ Suitable for "Butter Substitute" or "Butter Aroma Enhancer"
✓ Widely used in various types of bread, cakes and cookies
✓ Replace 50% of butter with NBS-1 in the recipe
✓ Suitable to replace 100% of butter

  • Compound Margarine
  • Packing: 15kg per carton
  • Origin: Malaysia 
  • Certification: Halal

Care Instructions

Product should be stored in chiller within 3°c - 7°c

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