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Ayamadu - Smoke Jumbo Sausage

Ayamadu - Smoke Jumbo Sausage

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These sausages are generously sized and packed with flavorful smoked chicken. Their robust taste is enhanced by the smoky essence, offering a delightful experience with every bite.

Whether grilled, pan-fried, or boiled, these sausages retain their juiciness and deliver a satisfyingly savory sensation.

Perfect for barbecues, picnics, or any occasion where you crave a hearty and delicious meal.

  • Smoke Jumbo Sausage (70gm)
  • Packing: 15 pcs / 10 pkts / carton
  • Origin: Malaysia
  • Certification: Halal

Care Instructions

Product should be stored in freezer -18°c

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