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Iceteam 1927 - Compacta VariO

Iceteam 1927 - Compacta VariO

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Compacta VariO is the combo machine for gelato that allows to complete the whole cycle of gelato production. Compacta VariO is a two-in-one unit; in the upper part there is the boiler which mix and pasteurise the ingredients, whereas in the lower part there is the horizontal cylinder of the batch freezer that makes gelato. 

The VariO system varies the speed and adjusts the freezing power depending on the type and quantity of mix introduced. This improves the production times and reduces electricity and water consumptions up to a 30% compared to batch freezers of previous generations.

Besides, the double speed extraction allows to extract and variegate the gelato easily.

Compacta VariO elite – the top-of-the-line configuration – is equipped with the chef boiler’s door, provided with a rotating piston, to extract the mix sideways. The pro door of the batch freezer, patented, combines the user-friendly front hopper with an outstanding solution for thermally insulated door, which improves the batch freezing process at top investment.

  • Customised batch freezing cycles
  • Silent operation
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Reduced minimum production amounts
  • Smooth operation
  • Increased duration for mechanical parts


** Available in 4 different models by capacity

  1. Compacta VariO 8
  2. Compacta VariO 10
  3. Compacta VariO 12
  4. Compacta VariO 16

Care Instructions

Thoroughly wash and clean all machine parts in contact with mix and gelato.

Rinse thoroughly with water only in-order to remove residues of sanitising solution before using the machine

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