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Marubishi Malaysia

Iceteam 1927 - Easymix Plus

Iceteam 1927 - Easymix Plus

Easymix Plus is the pasteurizer for the production of gelato mixes, easy to use and ensuring the utmost hygiene. It is equipped with 3 automatic pasteurizing programs.

Thanks to the double heating system, consumptions are reduced.

Thanks to the double compressor and the double condenser, Easymix 60 + 60 plus is equipped with two independent tanks. This allows to work without interruptions.


** Available in 2 different models by capacity

  1. Easymix 60 Plus
  2. Easymix 60+60 Plus

Care Instructions

Thoroughly wash and clean all machine parts in contact with mix and gelato.

Rinse thoroughly with water only in-order to remove residues of sanitising solution before using the machine

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