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Iceteam 1927 - Masterchef

Iceteam 1927 - Masterchef

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Masterchef is the first multifunction machine for gelato, pastry and gastronomy. It allows to prepare any kind of recipe, even the most delicate ones, very easily and with reduced time.

The exclusive heating and cooling system can work with small and large quantities of product.

Flexibility, Versatility, Performance
The patented heating and cooling system allows to work effectively even with small quantities of product. Thanks to the variable agitation speed, it is possible to treat any kind of preparation, even the most delicate and complex ones, in a short time.

The machine can reach high temperatures, for recipes such as jams, marmalades and even toppings.

Hygiene and Safety
The integrated cylinder design meets the highest hygiene standards. Thanks to the small number of components – 8 parts, gaskets included – cleaning is easy and fast. The vertical configuration of the cylinder allows the user to constantly check the product inside.

Thanks to the double lid, transparent and very resilient, it is possible to add ingredients while the machine is running. The partial opening of the dispense door allows to manage extractions in safety.

Masterchef is 3 chefs in 1 machine! The unit is equipped with 21 pre-set customizable cycles and 9 free cycles. 5 cycles are dedicated to Gelato production.

GELATO: Gelato, sorbet, granita…

PASTRY: Custard, fruit cream, butter cream, bavarian cream, spread creams, ganache, fruit jellies, glaze, pâte à choux, macarons, marmalade, meringue, mousse, Panna Cotta, sauces, chocolate tempering, inverted sugar…

GOURMET FOOD: White sauce, savoury sauces, savoury pastries, meat sauce, bolognese sauce, risotto, pizza sauce…


  • Multifunction beater: only one beater to manage cooking, cooling and freezing
  • Double lid: Allows to add ingredients in the unit when at work, maintaining safety standards
  • Speed variation: thanks to the inverter, it is possible to set 7 different speeds
  • High temperature heating
  • Dialog: remote assistance and monitoring system
  • Easy cleaning: with a few components, cleaning is fast and easy

Care Instructions

Thoroughly wash and clean all machine parts in contact with mix and gelato.

Rinse thoroughly with water only in-order to remove residues of sanitising solution before using the machine

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