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Iceteam 1927 - Multifreeze Pro

Iceteam 1927 - Multifreeze Pro

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Multifreeze Pro is the professional batch freezer equipped with Cattabriga high technology.

The pro door by Iceteam 1927, patented, combines the user-friendly front hopper with an outstanding solution for thermally insulated door, which improves the batch freezing process at top.

The double inverter system (VariO system) varies the speed and adjusts the freezing power depending on the type and quantity of mix introduced. This improves the production times and reduces electricity and water consumptions up to a 30% compared to batch freezers of previous generations.

The double speed extraction allows to extract and variegate the gelato easily.

Cylinder & Beater:
This patented system allows the gas to spread homogeneously all along the surface of the cylinder. The patented ELITE beater is 100% stainless steel, resistant and extremely performing during both the production and the cleaning process.

Multifreeze System:
It varies the speed and adjusts the refrigerating power depending on the kind and on the quantity of mix introduced, even with small charges. It improves the heat exchange and reduces electricity and water consumption (up to a 30%).

Double speed Extraction:
It is possible to set 2 extraction speeds, by choosing between 8 speeds available: this function helps to preserve the product and to variegate it easily. The user can, in any moment, change the speeds manually.

Front charging:
MULTIREEZE PRO is equipped with a brand new system of front charge that makes the machine very easy to use. The innovative shape of the hopper allows to pour in the mix in the most comfortable shoulder’s position.

PRO Door by Iceteam 1927:
It pools the traditional Cattabriga’s round door with a user-friendly front hopper and with an outstanding solution for thermally insulated door. The door is equipped with an upper stainless steel grid, easy to remove and clean, that allows to treat dense or oily mixes.

Plate condenser:
The plate condenser improves the heat exchange to an unprecedented level, and reduces all consumptions: water, power, parts. Combined with the Multifreeze system and together with a regular and correct maintenance of the machine, this can bring to a substantial saving in operating costs.


** Available in 3 different models by capacity

  1. Multifreeze 8 Pro
  2. Multifreeze 12 Pro
  3. Multifreeze 18 Pro

Care Instructions

Thoroughly wash and clean all machine parts in contact with mix and gelato.

Rinse thoroughly with water only in-order to remove residues of sanitising solution before using the machine

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