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Marubishi Malaysia

Itokei - SI-Square 150 KJ

Itokei - SI-Square 150 KJ

5140362 - SI-Square 150 KJ

  • Size: 150 x 110 (bottom 130 x 90) x 35H
  • Capacity: 440ml (14.9oz)
  • Material: Silicon rubber
  • Quantity: 100 (pack of 20 x 5)

Material: Silicon rubber baking tray

Durability: Repeatedly use about 500 times (at 210°c for 12 minutes)

Heat Resistance: -30°c - 210°c

Origin: Japan

Care Instructions

Product should be stored in dry, cooling area and away from direct sunlight.
Avoid storing them near a heat source, as excessive heat can cause the plastic to warp or deform.
Avoid placing heavy items on top of them. Heavy objects can cause the molds to become misshapen or cracked over time.

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